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2009-11-29 22:33:20 by Diavaul1

We've been making pretty good progress in terms of getting our name out.

Check us out on these other sites:


2009-08-22 22:42:02 by Diavaul1

Played a gig today for some whitey white kids who listen to rap and hip hop along with some middle aged guys that were pretty cool, and oldies with walkers.

It was interesting.

Need better gigs

zero bombs

2009-07-28 23:33:30 by Diavaul1

They suck.

But beyond that, zero bombs are incredibly annoying. No song really deserves a zero unless it's an obvious rip-off or something like a high pitched screech for a minute. It sucks to see one's hard work shot down the rating charts into a region that will NEVER be viewed by anyone EVER. I know it's the internet and manners and respect are non-existent, but it's still, it's fucking annoying. This is going to do fuck nothing, but whatever.


2009-06-21 01:37:05 by Diavaul1

ygel Lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Go check out his Trance and Techno.